Festival Spotify Playlist Generator

Side Project2019
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The project

This React web app allows users to automatically generate a Spotify playlist of top songs from their chosen artists.

The inspiration

The inspiration for this project came from attending music festivals with many artists who were unknown to me. In order to familiarise myself with their music I would curate a Spotify playlist by manually searching and adding the top songs from each artist playing at that festival.

The main app interface allows users to search for artists and add them to a list.

On the left, the user has searched for the artist 'Metallica' and the results are displayed underneath. On the right, the user has already added three artists to their playlist.

Clicking "Create your playlist" will ask the user to authenticate with their Spotify account and then generate a playlist containing the top songs from each selected artist.

A playlist on Spotify containing songs from the three artists selected in the previous image.